Samples She came at Dawn

“Good, we’re looking forward to it,” Greg said, rubbing his hands. “And now for that beer…”

After a few hours of drinking and chatting, they said their goodbyes to their friends and made their way outside. All of them slightly affected by alcohol made the stairs more troublesome to manoeuvre than earlier.

When they arrived on the already busy street behind the university building, they noticed for the first time how late it was. Given the light at the horizon, the sun would rise in a few minutes.

“You know guys… I have to tell you something before you meet her,” Tom slurred.

“What is it, Tom?” The sweet British accent from Melissa filled the air.

“Don’t tell me the picture was a fake and she’s ugly in reality.” The wording was a clear sign that Greg might have had too much fun at the party and Melissa felt a bit sorry for their already nervous friend.

“What?! No, not at all! She’s the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen!” His eyes were shining as if he was talking about some kind of goddess.

“So what’s the problem?” Melissa gave him a confused look.

“She is a bit… odd.”

“Odd, like crazy odd?” Greg asked with a stupid grin.

“No, more like cold and distant odd,” he said.

“That’s to be expected after just moving here, isn’t it? She might be insecure, but don’t you worry. Your good friends will help you warm her up.” The diplomatic words of Melissa interrupted the conversation of the boys for a second.

“Yes, we will break the ice. No! We will melt her heart.” Greg pumped his fist, but Melissa was quick to bring him back to earth.

“Now, that’s enough. You, sweetheart, have had too much beer.”

“No, no, I only had…” He stared at his hand with a puzzled look, trying to count the bottles. “I don’t remember.”

“And that’s a definite sign of too much, hun.” Melissa sighed theatrically at Tom and started to shove Greg forward.

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