Samples She came at Dawn

“Hasn’t Tom told you that he has a girlfriend now, my love?” Greg asked.

“No, he seems to have kept that from me.”  The female raised a brow and grinned when she turned to Tom. “Shame on you, Tom,” she said, giving him a sad look.

Tom brought his hands up in defence and slight panic. “I’m sorry, Melissa. Don’t be mad. Greg is only telling you half of the truth,” he said, trying to find an excuse before he faced Greg again. “And thanks for outing me, by the way. It’s good to have a best friend like you!” He threw a slightly annoyed gaze at Greg and brought his attention back to Melissa. “There is a girl, yes. But we’re not a couple. We’ve been dating for a week and I don’t want to jinx it by telling people too soon.”

“Good for you, Tom. Do we know her?” Melissa said, being truly happy for her usually not so lucky-in-love friend.

“No, I don’t think so. She’s just moved here,” he answered as they walked over towards the bar.

“So, who is she?” Melissa asked. Greg smiled while he watched his girlfriend skilfully directed the conversation.

“A real looker!” Greg said while clapping Tom on the back. “Almost too good for my best friend here.”

“Oh my, you have met her already?” Melissa turned towards Greg with a serious face.

“No, Tom showed me a picture.”

“Is that so? Can I take a look, too?” She quickly brought the attention back to the poor boy, who felt like a play toy.

“I don’t have it with me, but…,” Tom averted his gaze.

“But what?” Melissa raised her brow again.

“She might be coming over to pick me up later.”

“I see…” She smiled in delight before turning around to exchange a sly grin with Greg.

“So of course you will introduce your best friends to her, right, Tom?” Greg said and Melissa nodded in agreement.

Unable to resist her perfect smile, Tom stuttered, “I… I guess…”

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