Samples She came at Dawn

“Somehow I found a way to get lost in you.” — Three Days Grace


All talk fell silent and heads turned. For a split second, music was the only noise remaining in the ballroom of Bringston University. The famous ‘Semester-Out-Party’ was finally there and as always well attended. It was one of the few things that drew the attention of the average college student once vacation had started. Another being the arrival of the three students that seemed to catch the eye of every person in the room.

“Geez, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this,” said the boy on the right of the small group. His short jet black hair was neatly formed into spikes that stood out in different directions.

“You better get used to it fast, Tom,” commented the other dark-haired boy next to him with a smirk on his face.

“Come on, Greg. What’s that supposed to mean?” Tom’s face went bright red.

The girl, being the third person in the group, turned towards Tom with a questioning look on her face. “Oh my, is there something I need to know?” Her distinctive British-accent made the words sound sweeter than honey. Deep-brown eyes and silky chestnut hair, complimented her flawless appearance – a breathtaking sight.

Without doubt, she was the reason for the party guests to look over at the group longer than most usually would. The obvious staring of the male students had earned angry glances from their girlfriends. However, those boys had the tables turned on them quickly when Greg, flashed a stunning smile across the room and melted the hearts of the female guests. He was a bit taller than the girl next to him, yet just as good-looking.

He took her hand and briefly kissed her palm. The attention dissipated immediately. One of the girls from a group that was nearby, huffed and then whispered, ‘Of course such gorgeous people would be a couple’. Tom rolled his eyes at the comment. He knew this kind of reaction when it comes to these two far too well. Feeling like the third wheel, he aimlessly looked around. Drunken students were wandering back and forth between the bar and the dance floor. A few still stared at them with incredulous eyes.

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