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Katja Michael

Katja Michael

For Katja the love for the written word arose - as so often in life - only at a second glance. During her school years she didn’t enjoy the prescribed literature until several poetry projects built up a serious interest in writing. While studying English literature, she fell more and more prey to the more complex pieces. She devoured not only books, but began writing more complex pieces than poetry. To this day, her passion for words is unbroken and brought numerous poems, short stories and book projects with them. If the decision to write in German or English arises, she usually leaves it up to the first sentence.

After work or on the weekends Katja spends her time writing, gaming or outdoors with her camera. Her favorite motifs include not only power lines but also all kinds of lost places.
Her novel 'She Came at Dawn' in the genre Lesbian Romance was published in 2013. Numerous new book projects in German and English, as well as a short story anthology, are in progress. Her new novel will be published in German.

Her favorite authors include classical writers such as Ernest Hemingway, and Virginia Woolf, but also modern novelists like Suzanne Collins or JK Rowling.


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