• Still alive


    Yes, I am still alive, breathing and writing. But I have come to terms that writing in my mother tongue makes my texts so much better. So sadly my new book will be in German only. if I don't find a publisher that will publish it in English that is.

  • Close to the end


    Two more chapters to go and then my new novel will be finally finished. I'm looking forward to provide you with a reading sample soon.

  • About time


    Almost two years have passed since I published my first lesbian romance novel She Came at Dawn. Writing is still a huge part of my life and so is the genre 'lesbian literature'. Hence, I decided to create a homepage to keep everyone updated who’s interested in my writing. I addition to news and blog posts there’ll be reading samples of short stories and new novels. After more than twenty months of work my new novel is nearing completion and I'm looking forward to publish it later this year.

    For praise, suggestions, questions and criticism (in this order please;-)) you can use the contact form.

Katja Michael

Katja Michael

For Katja the love for the written word arose - as so often in life - only at a second glance. During her school years she didn’t enjoy the prescribed literature until several poetry projects built up a serious interest … read more

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