06.02.2015 21:06

Did you know that there are more footprints on the moon than at the bottom of the sea?
Love is just like science - the insatiable desire to fly higher and further while the most precious things remain hidden in the depths.
The heart of a woman is like an ocean they say… So, make sure to leave your footprints there before you lift-off


28.01.2015 19:21
In the strong hold of your arms
I sometimes forget how fragile I am
Every time you loosen your grip
I crack and shatter
Until you pick me up
and put me back together


25.01.2015 14:34

I draw us a picture
I wrote us a song
I captured you there, when nothing was wrong
But hearts beat unsteady
And ties need to sever
I’m writing you out, there is no forever

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